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A 3D Raised Relief Map For Your Wall

Raised relief maps - British IslesIf you’re a lover of the hills (or ‘fells’ if the Lake District is your patch) you probably have at least one picture of a favourite place hanging on your walls, and possibly several.

These may be photographic prints, modern or heritage. They could be prints from etchings, either black and white or coloured.  Maybe you have some original watercolours or oils, or high quality giclee prints.

There are so many alternatives. If you’re a real enthusiast you might even have all of these, but I wonder, do you have a map on your wall?

I’m not thinking just now of a standard contour map on paper. Nor am I thinking of a vintage map etching. No, I’m referring to a three dimensional raised relief map, one on which the mountains stand out to give a physical picture of the ‘shape’ of the landscape.

Yes, such raised relief maps are available. Here on this site we show several – the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia and more. The illustration at the top of this article is of a 3d raised relief map of the British Isles. Just think how good one of these would look on your wall. Or do you have a friend or family member who would just love one?Here’s the Snowdonia example.

raised relief maps - Snowdonia

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