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3D Maps of the UK in Raised Relief

This 3D raised relief map of the British Isles includes both Great Britain and the whole of Ireland.

Raised relief maps - British Isles

This beautiful 3D map can serve as a superb educational tool either in a classroom or domestic environment. It can provide a talking point on a wall in business premises or at home. See mountains, valley, rivers and lakes in the context of contours.

This raised relief map is available as:

Raised Relief Map Product Details:

  • Computerised map making methods
  • Sophisticated vacuum forming technology
  • Scale: 1:1,400,000
  • Dimensions: Approximately 825mm x 740mm
  • Frame: Solid wood (framed versions; see below)
  • Framed versions ready for wall mounting
  • Manufacturer: Dorrigo
  • Packaging: Boxed

These raised relief maps with contours in 3D are very popular items, especially at the busy times of year for gift-giving, such as the Christmas period. If you find that the model you want is out of stock you can check whether a different framed version is available or see whether the sales page indicates availability from alternative suppliers from whom you can still buy through the Amazon system. (Quite often, even when the “Temporarily out of stock” notice is there you will find something like, “3 new from 67.25″; click on that link for further details. Sometimes you might even find a surprise bargain).

Alternatively, if time is not vital you can place an order through the Amazon system and wait for them to let you know when the item comes back into stock; you will not be charged until the goods are shipped.

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